Oil A’Shore in Texas

The amount discovered is tiny in comparison to what has coated beaches so far in the hardest-hit parts of the Gulf coast in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. It still provoked the quick dispatch of cleaning crews and a vow that BP will pay for the trouble.

“Any Texas shores impacted by the Deepwater spill will be cleaned up quickly and BP will be picking up the tab,” Texas Land Commissoner Jerry Patterson said in a news release.

While in Texas, I experienced the same kind of Gulf state exceptionalism that most people expect of any Texan.  What’s Gulf state exceptionalism?  Well, Texas is a big state, they seem to only consider themselves a Gulf state when it’s a good thing.

For example, while stopped at the Czech Bakery and Shell Gas Station on I-35 southbound from Ft. Worth, a Texan, in a blue pick up truck, Howdy’d myself and Alexandra.  He inquired what a bunch of Floridians were doin’ out chere (West Palm Beach, FL license plate)?  Surely, it’s cause there t’aint no oil on Texas’ beaches – he said that with the reverence a man would put to his family Bible were he a devout Christian. Assuredly, because these beaches were Texas’ beaches they were also God’s beaches. The Dude even has a beach house in Galveston.

As a salute to these kind and gentle folk, from a Floridian to a Texan, enjoy the terrible, terrible fumes and soul-crushing feeling of impending doom.



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