Perhaps the Best Worst Thing I’ve Ever Read

I’ll admit it.  When I saw the headline over at questioning “Hey now, how come there isn’t a Team Bella?” I was immediately intrigued.  Any news junkie knows these playful, innocent headlines often offer the deep rumblings of psychological critique and critical panning.  When this is done for the Twilight Series, even I will submit to reading it.

An ‘lo my gamble rewarded me:

“Never have I read a story written in the first person where I really cared less about the person who is doing the talking,” said Sharmila Badkar-Bhan, 33, of San Francisco. Badkar-Bahn described Bella both as “a girl who was born to whine” and also “the worst female protagonist in the world of fiction.”

She described Bella’s behavior as “listless moping and dangerous thrill-seeking” and that “the whole point of Bella’s existence is earning the suffocating love of supernatural hotties.”

Krista Greksouk, 31, of Mountain View, Calif., said, “Bella will do anything to make a boy love her, and has no sense of self-worth without said boy. Moreover, she uses another boy, who has obvious feelings for her, for her own selfish gain.” However, Greksouk says she understands why young women have such an affinity with the character and for the series as a whole: “(Bella) takes high school and makes it her whole life. I think this is a reason teens like the books; they also think high school is the end-all, be-all.”

Also, there’s a great quote from a fan-site claiming they prefer Bella to Hermoine from Harry Potter because Bella is both more realistic and she’s also “pure” – like in the Mormon-y propaganda kind of way the Stephanie Meyer wants it.



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