A Rhetorical Father’s Day Present

I love you Dad.

But sometimes when we argue about politics you don’t bring all the facts to the table.  Remember how I said the previous largest oil spill occurred in shallow waters?

The Ixtoc 1 oil spill from June 1979:

It took nearly 10 months for the responders to stop the oil from flowing in the IXTOC 1 accident. And this was a well that was in only about 164 feet of water. That allowed divers to be sent down to cap the well.

The Deepwater Horizon wellhead is under 5000 feet of water. That is nearly double the depth at which atmospheric diving suits and manned submersibles can operate.

To put that in perspective, human’s unaided by diving equipment can hold their breath and dive twice the depth at which this spill occurred. And it flowed for 10 months.



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