This Speech May Contain a Preliminary Report on Legitimate Change

Yes, yes and yes.  Boo-hoo for Bubba Gump shrimpers and fisherman, but apparently not for roughnecks who drill the wells that bleed the Gulf region’s job market.

Of course, the president assured the public that BP would pay all claims and damages.  As if this was  worry.  We’re talking about offending Southerners, not upper-class, draped Kashmir sweater-wearing Yuppies who’ll only write a passive aggressive letter to their congressman.  One time, this Southern Senator beat an old man in the head with a cane on the floor of the Senate until his brain was showing, just because he insinuated something undesirable about his father.

On another note, the president hinted at a possible energy plan in response to this debacle.

Looking straight into the camera, Obama diagnosed the nation’s energy problem, and it’s ongoing dependence on fossil fuels. For decades, officials have talked about shifting to new clean forms of energy, but “time and time again, the path has been blocked—not only by oil industry lobbyists, but also by a lack of political courage and candor.”

Obama ramped up his pressure on Congress to send him an energy bill quickly, and one that directly confronts the costs and dangers of fossil fuels. The Senate has stalled on energy over the past year, unable to reconcile climate measures and drilling provisions in the wings of each party. But Democrats have hoped that the spill would lend urgency to a comprehensive energy and climate bill. On what it should include, Obama was short on specifics, deferring instead to Senate leaders. “The one answer I will not settle for,” he said, “is the idea that this challenge is too big and too difficult to meet.”

So, yes there will be some sort of attempt to use this momentum to alter our nation’s energy policy.  It will be discussed later.  Tea will be served. Energy change may or may not occur.

Also, there may be a Marshall Plan for the Gulf, as the broadcast outlets have dubbed it.  Again, I say may because this president can’t take a hard line.  It’s against his character.  He’s for what everyone is for, and against those things that nobody likes – to quote Futurama.



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