An Outdated Institution

Newsweek has a few great posts on marriage for a feature in their print edition, probably shocked into existence because of the announced Gore divorce.  The damning stats are consolidated in this gallery.  But, the two women who wrote the case against marriage make a very compelling argument for non-participation in the broken institution among monogamous couples.

As Diana Furchtgott-Roth, writing for the Hudson Institute, put it, “Goodbye, marriage.” As of 2013, “unwed Americans may find it even more advantageous—financially, anyway—to stay single.”

Measurements of brain activity have shown that 20 years into marriage, 90 percent of couples have lost the passion they originally felt. And while couples who marry for love are less “in love” with each passing year, one study found that those in arranged marriages grow steadily more in love as the years progress—because their expectations, say researchers, are a whole lot lower.

After reading Newsweek’s argument against the institution, their argument in favor of marriage comes off as petulant and arrogant:

But the problem is that my colleagues aren’t really criticizing marriage here. They’re criticizing bad relationships. People don’t cheat because they’re married; they cheat because they’re unsatisfied, or selfish, or impulsive. Women don’t cook and clean because they’re married; they cook and clean because their partner doesn’t (or because they actually like to). Divorce occurs outside of wedlock as well; it’s called “breaking up.” And so on. Cheating and chauvinism are bad. Period. It doesn’t matter whether they happen within or without the bonds of matrimony.

That completely misses the point.  You don’t know that your relationship isn’t bad and you won’t know it’s bad until you’re already neck deep in a shit trench.  I know it’s going to be a bad marriage only because he says he’s getting hitched in Paris.  Hah!

Some more posts on marriage in the feature from Newsweek.


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