Shameless Consumerism

Only rarely do I step aside from the onslaught of linking I pompously extrude into the webs. When I do, I make sure it’s for something with some goddamn credibility.

Perhaps now’s a good time for some nostalgia.  Know how listening to an album that you’ve skipped over for a while can take you back to where you were last time you listened to it?  Yeah.  Damn that’s depressing.

Recently I’ve been listening to Waiter: You Vultures! Last time I heavily listened to this CD was a year ago. Specifically, all summer long, where I played World of Warcraft with 4 of my best friends, studied Russian, read and worked out.  The memory sensation I get is like a eulogy for my childhood and my manchildhood.

No more weeks full of gaming.  No more waking up at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday.  No more no responsibilities.

So, that being said: Do Want


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