Sam Adams Outgrowing Craft Identity

The Brewers Association and the Federal Government – for the purpose of taxation – identify craft brewers as those that produce less than two million barrels of beer per year.

Thankfully, America’s Congress already has a plan to protect Samuel Adams from being taxed or otherwise associated with the likes of Budweiser and Michelob.

Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, along with Senator Michael D. Crapo, Republican of Idaho, introduced a bill last month that would increase the yearly production limit for small brewers to six million barrels.

The bill would also cut the excise tax rate for small brewers to $3.50 per barrel, from $7, for the first 60,000 barrels produced, and to $16, from $18, for each additional barrel. A similar House bill has several dozen sponsors. The Brewers Association created a distinct definition for craft brewers, said Bob Pease, its chief operating officer, to differentiate small companies from big ones that were also marketing certain beers as craft.



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