Brooks Defends Liberal Arts and Yeti(?)

I consider myself an intellectual conservative.  Meaning, if you can convince me not to be conservative (restrictive of an over-reaching federal government) on an issue, then I’ll jump ship and support government involvement.

That’s why I love reading David Brooks.  He’s a conservative minus the adjective I ascribe to myself.  (Oh shit son!)

He wrote a pretty great bit on the humanities being neglected.  He talks about how people in the humanities shape our national dialog and also the products we most desire – something he hints on by name-dropping Apple.  But, because of the shrinking market for what I modestly call the “critical thinkers”, we humanities folk are left to market ourselves to an uninterested world.

A successful humanities student can write, argue and spin language into a web of whim and fancy. (Hot Damn!) But, that doesn’t net a good job, or a well-paying one.  Instead, we liberal arts folk have to jump into a company, work the drudgery and only then attempt to shine as someone who can, according to Brooks, “have enormous power if you are the person in the office who can write a clear and concise memo” or “read a paragraph and discern its meaning.”

Noble traits, indeed.

He also rants about something called The Big Shaggy and completely loses his point.  Look Mr. Brooks (see, I can do NYT style, too!), if you can only write 250 words of a column before you have to switch to a Yeti diatribe, maybe you want to shelf this humanities tug-fest until its more developed.

Seriously, read it.  All of a sudden he talks about a Yeti that makes people cheat on their wives. *Sigh* Maybe I should have read Thucydides and Gibbon…



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