Milk Needs More Diphtheria

A group of raw-food activists descended on a hearing for allowing unpasteurized milk to be sold to the general public:

with farm families wearing paper milking caps with “Freedom” written on them and brandishing signs that said, “I ♥ Raw Milk.” March 10 was smack in the middle of calving time, but the heifers would have to wait — raw milk was that important.

The occasion was a hearing-turned-rally on a bill in the Wisconsin Legislature that would allow dairy farmers to sell milk straight from the spigot to anyone who felt it did a body good, save the very young, the very old and the very pregnant. Some 500 farmers crammed into the small college auditorium to cheer on one of the bill’s sponsors, State Representative Chris Danou, the Thoreau of raw, who declared that, should the legislative process fail, civil disobedience would surely follow.

You know what hippies? Fine, drink your raw milk.

There’s a reason milk was pasteurized in the first place. Harmful bacteria, mostly salmonella, is prevalent in a cow’s system, even more now because of the factory farming system.

Hippies, if you want to drink the consolidated syrup of America’s factory farming system and proclaim it Holy mana, do it.  But do it amongst yourselves, in high numbers and high concentrations. That way, when you die from preventable diseases, you’ll thin out the species’ “self-righteous stupidity” gene.



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