Don’t Worry! The Rich Are Bouncing Back

The luxury buyer is coming back, reports the St. Pete Times.  Mostly because sales are up at Caddillac dealers, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, basically, if you shop at International Mall – by shop I mean purchase, not loiter like I, or anyone else I know does at that mall – the recession is over for you. Congratulations.

“Luxury has come back, but not to what it was in 2007. And clearly Florida has bounced back for us, although it is still going to take more time,” said Bill Taubman, chief operating officer of Taubman Centers Inc., which has a major interest in five Florida malls including International Plaza in Tampa.

For everyone else scraping their elbows, busting their knuckles and breaking their backs for a dollar, you have to wait for your financial recovery.  In Capitalism, the rich come first and the poor get theirs last.  Why?

The rich have a higher percentage of income, meaning if you can take care of 5% of the population, you stand to alter 75% of the market share of income.  Those are ballpark estimates.  Don’t like it?  Tough.



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