Bill Maher Gets it Right

When I was 6-years-old, it was an issue how babies were born. There were conflicting theories, and there was not a consensus — some thought a stork brought babies, others contended you bought them at the hospital, the Catholic boys said the Holy Ghost brought them — and one kid said that girls had sort of a — as he described it — flap in front and that men put their penises in it. This seemed the least likely. And yet by the time we reached age 11, even though we still had, none of us, actually seen the flap — the consensus of opinion was overwhelming for the penis-vagina theory — it was no longer an issue.

An argument about climate change even my Birther father would understand – he’s not really a Birther, he just is anti-reality and somehow pro-science and anti-religion.  I know – fuckin’ – it infuriates me too.



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