Dubai is the Mother Of Invention

I give up.  America doesn’t make anything, except maybe iPad’s and debt – mostly to purchase iPad’s and more debt.  Meanwhile, Dubai has just build Solar Powered air conditioning.  A month doesn’t go by where something fascinating isn’t built in Dubai, or the UAE or some other oil-rich nation.

America has outsourced her genius for oil.  Know anyone else who’s done that?  I had some friends with 140+ IQ scores that got into drugs, not even hard drugs – just like alcoholism and chronic weed use – and now they just want to live in their parents house and work as a bouncer at a wine bar.  Or they just wanna by buried in a Jewish cemetary like my ex-goalie Greg.

That’s America.  A druggie, heading for an abrupt and easily foreseeable end. Who needs genius when that hot, black liquid flows through your veins?


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