Cheap Food is Fat Food; Cheap Supermarkets are Fat, too

A study came out showing that Americans who shop at low-cost supermarkets are 10 times more likely to be obese than those who shop at more expensive supermarkets.

It’s not a matter of availability, Drewnowski said. All of the stores in his study stocked a wide range of nutritious food, including plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Instead, he contends it’s because healthy, low-calorie foods cost more money and take more effort to prepare than processed, high-calorie foods. In a separate study two years ago, Drewnowski estimated that a calorie-dense diet cost $3.52 a day compared with $36.32 a day for a low-calorie diet.

Still, the first-ever study of shoppers and the stores they choose is a stark illustration of an obesity divide fueled by poverty, Foster noted.

“What it says is your social economic status is clearly associated with how overweight you are,” he said.


Just a note, this study is about a week old.  I must have been slacking! How could I miss something right up my alley like this?


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