WTF Israel

Israeli special forces stormed a flotilla of aid ships destined for the wrecked Gaza Strip this morning.

Television pictures from the night raid in international waters showed Israeli boats closing in on at least one aid ship and others abseiling from helicopters on to the ship’s deck, into a chaotic melee of fighting with sticks and fists. Images of bloody stretchers and wounded people lying on the deck in the aftermath of the raid were also broadcast.

The greatest violence appears to have taken place on the Mavi Marmara, a vessel sponsored by the Turkish Islamic aid organisation Insani Yardim Vakfi (IHH), which Israel says has links with Hamas. But a Greek NGO, Boat for Gaza, said its vessel the Sfendoni had also come under fire.

For the rest of this I defer to the Times of London and others.  For now, I think it’d be healthy for all the avowed supporters of Israel to take a healthy cold shower and sprinkle some reality in their thoughts.  For example, what the fuck does Israel hope to accomplish in the international community and for the overall security of their people when they strike aid ships carrying, among their cargo, an 18-month old child, a Nobel peace prize laureate, a survivor of the Holocaust and Swedish author.

Source, Source, Source


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