Prepare for the Geekening

On Thursday, Apple’s stock value surpassed Microsoft’s. Steve Jobs’ company is now worth a whopping $222 billion to Bill Gates’ $219 billion.

Other than the perrennial Scrooge McDuck money pit wars that excited my childhood, this means only one thing. Geek wars. Capitalism provokes only one adoration for me – competition.

Imagine the future of computers now that the two titans are so neck-and-neck.  Steve Jobs has staked out Gates’ share of consumers for a decade and look whats its brought us Geek-landers: the iPod, then the iPod w/video, then the iPod with phone, and now the iPod psuedo-laptop without phone.

Eventually, Gates’ will wake up.  Only then will the Geekening begin.  Prepare yourselves.  For there can be only one.



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