Reason Gets Lost on Rand Paul

I’ve avoided this debacle for obvious reasons.  It is a pretty transparent issue around calls for liberty that ultimately protect bigots.

Reason wrings its hands and ultimately sides with Paul.  Not their biggest mistake in this article.  Instead, its how they side with Paul.

If we own ourselves, it follows that no one else can own us—the most obvious way in which slavery violates human rights. It also follows that we own our labor, which means we decide who benefits from it and under what terms, and the fruits of our labor, which means we control access to our property. All these rights were flagrantly violated not only by slavery but by the racist Jim Crow regime that succeeded it, which forced businesses to discriminate against blacks as customers and employees.

At no point does Reason fully acknowledge the naive notion of a loving and compassionate South that was forced to be racist and bigoted by Jim Crow laws.

…Paul expressed qualms about the provisions banning private discrimination, which impinged on the same liberties—freedom of contract, freedom of association, and property rights—that were routinely disregarded under Jim Crow.

Paul noted that liberty would not mean much if it did not include the ability to say and do “abhorrent things.” Just as freedom of speech and freedom of association benefit the Ku Klux Klan along with the NAACP, the right to control one’s property and to choose one’s customers benefits the bigot along with former slaves and their descendants.

So, yes, a private business should be able to discriminate in terms of its clientèle without the Federal government getting involved.  For shame.



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