Mark Twain of the Day

We took up our line of march and passed out of Cambenet at noon and it seemed to me unaccountably strange and odd that the King of England and his chief minister, marching manacled and fettered and yoked, in a slave convoy, could move by all manner of idle men and women, and under windows where sat the sweet and lovely, and yet never attract a curious eye, never provoke a single remark.  Dear, dear, it only shows that there is nothing diviner about a king then there is about a tramp, after all.  He is just a cheap and hollow artificiality when you don’t know he is a king.  But reveal his quality, and dear me it takes your very breath away to look at him. I reckon we are all fools.  Born so, no doubt.

Mark TwainA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

I think his point is to substitute the word King for Man or humans.  Love those last two sentences.


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