Facebook Vampire Drinks Your Data

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t sorry that Facebook’s privacy settings keep switching default to open.  Sharing all your personal information with Facebook’s business partners.

Facebook’s current troubles began in April, when it rolled out new rules that push members to share more information about themselves. Facebook also said it would start sharing info with some partners like Yelp, Pandora, and Microsoft. Tech pundits howled. Some vowed to quit Facebook. Government officials in Europe, Canada, and the United States threatened to take action.

No one is going to quit Facebook.  There’s a certain amount of inherent non-privacy to using Facebook.  Posting pictures, status updates, sharing drunken rants, they’re all going to be seen by your friends, probably your friends of friends, and rarely: everyone on Facebook + their business partners.

The truth is, Zuckerberg needs your data. His business is built upon it. The most important thing to understand about Facebook is that you are not Facebook’s customer, you are its inventory. You are the product Facebook is selling. Facebook’s real customers are advertisers. You, as a Facebook member, are useful only because you can be packaged up and sold to advertisers. The more information Facebook can get from you, the more you are worth. In response, a FB spokesman told me: “I’m sorry you feel that way.”



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