Holy Want-This Batman!

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Gamespot: 10 Editor’s Choice

G4tv: 5

Metacritic: 97


Also, Civilization V: Deluxe Edition

It’s not often that my shattered, post-graduation spirit get’s to experience the consumerist ecstasy of new toys.  Save for assembling and battling Warhammer miniatures, replaying Super Mario Galaxy, and hints of specs throughout the other games I’ve played and given up on: Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, Torchlight, etc.

What I am saying is: real-life sucks the fattest one.  If you don’t understand gamers, then your inner-child is dead.

The perpetual man-child makes perfect sense in the context of just how much the working world degrades its inhabitants.

Should I care about a nice car, expensive dinners, a beach vacation or any of that?  No.  Instead, I want to couch surf with a diet soda beverage (Zevia) and play video games.

What’s so satisfying about blowing 41 hours at work and another 6 hours looking for real employment to come home to 275 bucks a week?

So its not often that this blog becomes an orgy of want-ness.  But, seriously.  You gift-givers know who you are.  Smile upon me with your present-bearing bosoms and derrières!


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