No School On Good Friday in Hillsborough

And it has nothing to do with God.  No siree.  Gawd t’ain’t got nuthin to dew wit’t.

Alright, I’ll write for reals for this one.

There’s some controversy among schools because truancy was so high on Good Friday for the past couple years.  As much as 42 percent of Hillsborough students played hookie on the Christian holiday this year.  That includes 1,000 faculty and support staff, like bus drivers, who also took off the holy day.

In 2008, the first year classes were held on Good Friday, more than 60 percent of students stayed home. About 400 bus drivers were out and the district hired 990 substitute teachers.

See what I’m doing there?  Referring to it as a Christian holiday and holy day?  That’s what we call subtly editorializing.

The crux of the county’s argument comes down to this: If too many students and staff are consistently absent on one day of the year, they will cancel school on that day.  Religious celebration has nothing to do with it.

April Griffin, one of Hillsborough’s School Board Members, dissented with the 5-2 decision.  She also proposed a motion to

give students free days on Rosh Hashanah — the start of the Jewish New Year — and the Muslim holy day of Eid.

First, while I understand Mrs. Griffin’s incentive, playing their game just won’t cut it.  They know it’s a religious impetus, it just comes down to catching them admitting it.

Even then, they’d have their constituents support.

No, the fact stands on it’s own.  Those on the Hillsborough School Board are advocating a theistic school year.  Their names:

Susan Valdes, Doretha Edgecomb, Jennifer Faliero, Jack Lamb, Candy Olson

Money Quote on this video about 1:15 in from Tampa’s very own Christian moron Terry Kemple who argued that:

…It didn’t make sense to try and force Christian parents to send their kids to school on a day when they didn’t want to…

When they didn’t want to.  Says a lot about prioritizing education.



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