John Edwards: A Star Plummets

He could have been president.  If he’d been nominated in 2008, Democrats nationwide would have supported him.  Many preferred his “two America’s” mantra over “Change We Can Believe In” and whatever it was Hillary stood for – Sniper Fire we can Trust?

Edwards’ kept his secrets well and hid the fact that he is something of an ego-maniac and guiltless law-breaker and home wrecker.

Now, HuffPo reports:

Edwards is under investigation by the FBI and the IRS for campaign violations regarding payments to his former mistress Rielle Hunter.

Edwards is “terrified” of going to jail, according to the Enquirer source, and “he’s willing to cop to a misdemeanor charge” to avoid jail time, but “is asking to keep his law license.”

OK, so it’s the National Enquirer.  We’ll see what happens though.



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