Complementary Alternative Medicine

A working definition of complementary alternative medicine: “between what the doctor can do for you, we need to start asking what we can do for ourselves.”

“A healthy diet based on local, sustainable, anti-angiogenic crops,” could be the missing link to preventing certain cancers and even obesity.

What is angiogenesis?  You’ll have to watch the whole video.  The part about eating to prevent cancer doesn’t actually start until 12:00 in.

This reminds me of what a professor of mine said about cell apoptosis, which is cell-programmed death.  Meaning, when a normally functioning cell reaches the end of it’s life it commits suicide and is consumed by other cells to conserve energy.  A cancer cell will reach the end of its life and then not commit suicide, keep on growing, and begin to consume other cell resources in the body.  Certain foods also encourage natural cell apoptosis, which reduces the risk of old cells malfunctioning and becoming a cancer.


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