Utterly Shameless

This says it all:

Gov. Charlie Crist says the state needs to spend nearly $35 million on an emergency advertising blitz to calm tourists worried that Florida beaches might become fouled by the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

And he’s got an idea who should foot the bill: BP.

Look, I’m incensed with BP’s repeatedly failed security protocols, too.  They are to blame.  But what Charlie Crist is doing here baffles me.  He wants to double-tap BP to make up for just how cash strapped Florida is.

First, BP has to reimburse all the industries affected by this disaster and then they have to foot the bill for an advertising campaign that Crist thinks is necessary to keep tourist bucks flowing.

This way Florida gets to have its cake and eat it to.

Crist is posturing.  Crist is strong on oil companies.  Except when he wasn’t.

Crist is a Floridian embarrassment, to which I reiterate the words of Reihan Salam.



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