The Public should Purchase Newsweek

Two things struck me this week.

John Meachem has been out and about selling the demise of Newsweek.  Calling for alternative methods of funding.  Pay-per-view for  All terrible ideas.

Also, I spoke with my buddy Sam about the state of news.  Especially how not-employed in it I am.

This has got me thinking.  Newsweek is still open and printing.  The apparatus is still in order.  Let’s have us a BBC.  Around the world people respect the content presented on the BBC as balanced, thoughtful and insightful. I bet it’s more than just the comforting accent.

It’s time the United States got its own public news outlet.  There’s no better time than now.

Starting in the print/internet sphere will more than likely prevent the television cycle from chewing their own heads off at possible competition from another broadcast source.

Newsweek has a prestigious staff that does not have an existing political slant like the New York Times or the Washington Post.

The possibility of investing in reporting, at a federal level, would reverse some of the bleeding that the country has undergone as of late.  More and more media has been about analysis, shouting matches, and limited local reporting.  The government of the United States has a vested interest in maintaining an educated public.

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about how an educated electorate kept democracy safe from the threat of monarchy.  Thomas Jefferson was immensely concerned with creating a public education apparatus to that same end.  Educating the common man so that he could participate in the voting process effectively (even though they couldn’t when TJ was president).

It’s past time the United States had a publicly funded media outlet to fall back upon when the shouting get’s too loud and the voices get to irrational.  Maybe not now.  Maybe not Newsweek.   But soon, and hopefully before sectionalism and shouting destroy our political society.


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