Just a thought…

Exxon has almost disappeared.  Amoco disappeared as well after it’s own oil spill.  British Petroleum, well, I bet a name-change is in order.  Even though BP thought a PR campaign* against this latest spill would be utterly ineffectual.

What will BP become?  Anyone got some name ideas?  Maybe, something inoccuous. Like, the Dandelion Group.  Or  something pharmaceutical like, vicexedrin.  I dunno.

I’m just saying.  Can’t wait for BP to pull a Blackwater and become Xe, or Philip Morris changing to Altria, etc. etc.  Or, in other words, as my previous post about memory loss indicates, I cannot wait for America to forget who did what and where once again.  And most importantly, to what end.

Sound cryptic?  Yeah, well, you obviously read (you’re here aren’t you?) imagine how confused someone who doesn’t read must be right now.


*Source: BP has considered a massive advertising campaign to sway opinion but decided against it. “In our view, the big glossy expressions of regret don’t have a lot of credibility,” BP spokesman Andrew Gowers told The New York Times.


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