Be Proactive, Start ’em Young:

Expose your children to propaganda at a young age.

So I have two daughters, ages 8 and 5. And they’ve seen images on the TV, in the newspaper and on my computer screen of the BP oil spill (or the Gulf oil spill if don’t want to assign blame just yet). I tried to explain the disaster to my 8-year-old the other day. “There was an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s killing birds and turtles,” I told her. To which she replied, “Why would Mexico do that?” Good question.

It is indeed a good question.  One that, as a parent of only my own harbored prejudices, I would reply something along the lines of: you’re an idiot, play with your dolls until you’re 18 when you at least have the law to back-up your unfounded and self-destructive desire to judge policy.

Also… In reference to a guide that helps coach parents on broaching environmental issues with kids.

Is the guide a little biased? If you’re an oil baron, perhaps.

*facepalm* You force your child to ride their bike 10 miles to school at 8 years old because you want to teach them the importance of oil addiction and all you’re accomplishing is creating a Tea Party Conservative in the impressionable mind of your adolescent who only associates your liberal policies with grueling work.

Like I said, the only pregnancy I have endured has been one of loathing for other individuals, e.g. my soul is pregnant with rage.



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