Ya’ll oil spill needsit sum country wisdom

T. Boone Pickens:

T’were an accident. T’aint nobodies fault.  T’aint no one to blame.  No siree, Bob.  Natural disaster! Conflab it, cain’t hold them boys on thar rig for nothin’.  T’were doin gawds work.  Dem boys gaf dere lives to get thar black gold out fer me.  Chall owe dem boys a metal, I spec.

Dag-nab-it.  I cain’t git that picture contraption to play right’chere.  So ya’ll gonna haf to venture on down to my Facebook page.  Mosey on over to my profile page, click on the Sout’rn gentl’man and his brave likeness shall bestow on you a message of holy clarity.   Yes, sir.  He done spoke de truff about thar oil rig splosion.

Presently, I shall be hootin and hollarin at dese boys to gif me a video player, they done sold me snake oil.


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