Art of Man Beers

There has often been an unfortunate association between beer and low brow masculine behavior; it is after all the go to beverage for guzzling through a funnel or imbibing via a keg stand. But like fine wine, as one learns to appreciate the basics of beer, the core ingredients and the role they play in flavor and experience, one is prone to move up the taste scale and into a world of unimaginable flavors where it becomes enjoyable to sip and savor rather than guzzle.

If you haven’t heard of it, here’s your overdue introduction to the Art of Manliness.

Read the full post on the abbreviated history of beer drinking, and how craft beers can be like fine wines.

Thankfully, AoM avoids the clichéd degradation of craft beer tossed about by pedants like Anthony Bourdain.  He once said something of American craft beers tasting fruity.  And he did this while drinking Pilsner Urquell at the brewery in the Czech Republic where its made.  This is a wholly unfair comparison.

Sure, there’s a certain snobbishness to craft beers.  But, there’s also a certain alcoholicness to drinking beer regardless of the taste experience.  Like smoking, even though the smoker agrees the taste is unpleasant.  The point being the good sir or madame is out of their flipping senses.

Now, we can debate the clean refreshing taste of a lager all day long.  And on a hot day, for the love of Bob hand me a Stella or Pilsner Urquell.  But it’s always cold inside.  Right Rasputin?


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