Adam Sessler: Games protected by 1st Amendment

More news on the Supreme Court of the United States’ plan to hear a California case banning the sale of violent video games to minors.

G4tv’s Adam Sessler gives the decision for the Supreme Court a pat on the back for picking this case.

Money quote at about 4 minutes in to the video:

If you do this with video games, you can make that same argument for literature. I think that would give a lot more people pause out there.

Well said.  No one is talking about making it a crime, key word there, to sell tickets to R-rated movies to 16-year-olds, nor a crime to sell violent books, like Tom Clancy, to minors.  Hell, I read Rainbow Six when I was like 13.

Sessler also noted how video games, for some reason, are treated like a whole different monster than film and literature when it comes to this type of regulation.

My original post on this here.


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