Terror grips Florida GOP

Oh no! Booga booga!

It’s hard to read the Republican responses to Crist’s abandonment of the GOP over Senate aspirations as anything but fear.  They are afraid that Crist and Rubio will tear each other to shreds and Kendrick Meek will walk into the open Senate seat.

“Once you leave the party, you can’t come back,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) told the Huffington Post. “And if he has other aspirations, it’s hard to see how that works out.”

“I know that message has been communicated both by my staff and other people close to the governor,” Cornyn said. “I think that is one of his alternatives which, frankly, I would prefer to his switching to an Independent. Either stay in the primary and let the Republican primary voters make their choice, or drop out of the primary, endorse Rubio, and use the next two years to sort of recover… and challenge Senator Nelson.”

“Staying in the primary and dropping out and running in 2012 are much more preferable to running as an Independent,” Cornyn added, “because I think his future electoral prospects are irreparably damaged by his deciding to run as an Independent.”

Now, this method gets argued all the time.  Wait two years, when you’ll have been out of office for two years, the GOP will support you then.  But there’s no guarantee someone else won’t come along, and it’s no secret that Crist’s moderation on teacher-pay incentives, endorsing the stimulus package, and acknowledging Obama’s nationality, have all caused him to fall out of favor with Florida’s GOP.

He’s making the right move for Charle Crist.  And Charlie Crist is a career politician.  And boy, those tubby white guys are terrified.



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