Facebook requests your silent acquiescence

Cracked gets it right on Facebook and it’s plans to drag all of us users into the abyss of advertising and marketing.  Embrace the singularity.  It’s so warm and calm.  Won’t you just “Like” this.  Yes.  Press it.

Also, Farhad Manjoo (author of True Enough, a devastating book if you deem yourself an objective thinker) took on the Facebook issue in Slate.

Now, very soon, it will also have the largest database connecting people to the things they enjoy, whether those things are news stories, restaurants, songs, books, movies, jeans, cosmetics, or anything else. Yes, lots of other firms mine our online activity, but Facebook’s system will be all the more powerful because it is voluntary. We, Facebook’s hordes, are actively filling in the slots in its database, giving the company an extremely accurate picture of ourselves and our friends. No other company will have anything like Facebook’s towering database of human intentions and desires—not even Google.

This might sound apocalyptic. I don’t mean it that way. Facebook isn’t the first company to see the entire Web as its playground, and it won’t be the last. Google already occupies this place in our lives, and the search company still reigns as the Web’s leading profiler of information.


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