Video Games get the SCotUS treatment

SCotUS – Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether a California ban on the sale or rental of violent video games to minors was constitutional. A federal circuit court struck the law down saying it violated minor’s constitutional rights.

This is going to come down to parents versus government control.  Opponents of the ban claim the existing labeling apparatus is enough to indicate which video games they ought to be getting for their kids.  Supporters of the ban, I assume, want video games to be treated like movies.  R-rated movies are for ages 17 and up, like M-rated video games are for ages 18 and up.

We’ll see.  The psychological support for violent behavior being linked to games could throw support for the ban.  Then again, the same psychological studies that show video games may encourage kids to re-enact violence dittos this expression of violence for TV and music.  So, I really don’t expect video games to get a pass.

Still, the Supreme Court? Man, great time to be a gamer.



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