Of Wind Power and WASPs

So, Massachusetts Cape Cod residents are a-crying about this proposed wind-farm (first in the USA I might add) that would be situated, wait for it, 5 miles off-shore and cover 24 square  miles.

Sure, the 400 feet tall turbines would be visible from the coast, but as specs of white in the distance.  Specs of white powering the generator you use to charge up the batteries on your yacht. Do yacht’s have batteries? I don’t care.  They do now.

They’re rich and complaining.  Rich people don’t get to be NIMBY when it comes to Green Energy.  They’re supposed to be self-righteous evangelizers of the stuff.  Unless it’s a proposed nuclear power plant dump site next to your  daughter’s private elementary school on Cape Cod, I don’t want to hear it.

Sack up, Ted Kennedy’s ghost.  You’re being a whiny hypocrite.

Source and Source

* White Anglo-Saxon Protestants


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