Okinawans protest US air base

This is the kind of thing that is rarely discussed with seriousness by either political party in the States.  It also happens to be the kind of thing that would make me vote for a pronounced bigot like Ron Paul.  When it comes to America’s empire and economics, they just don’t mix. And having 50,000 troops in Japan in 2010 doesn’t make any sense.

More than 90,000 Okinawans rallied Sunday to oppose the relocation of an American air base on their island, adding to the pressure on Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to resolve an issue that has divided Tokyo and Washington.

However, on Sunday, local leaders told the demonstrators that they rejected any plan that kept the air base on Okinawa.

And here’s the journalist in me, the NY Times fuckin’ up:

The perception that Mr. Hatoyama has mishandled the relationship with the United States, Japan’s longtime protector, has contributed to his falling approval ratings, which have dropped below 30 percent. Opposition leaders and media commentators have begun calling on him to resign if he fails to find a compromise by the end of May.

What doesn’t belong in that graf? God dammit NYT.



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