Gulf Coast to Expand Offshore Drilling

Hah! Just kidding.  Were you curious why Obama threw his support behind removing the federal ban on offshore oil exploration? NIMBY groups.  Not in my back yard.

And here’s the connection, that exploded oil rig 50 miles south of Louisiana?

Coast Guard and company officials estimate that as much as 1,000 barrels – or 42,000 gallons – of oil is leaking each day after studying information from remotely operated vehicles and the size of the oil slick surrounding the blast site. The rainbow-colored sheen of oil stretched 20 miles by 20 miles on Saturday – about 25 times larger than it appeared to be a day earlier, Landry said.

Complicating efforts to stop the leak is well head’s depth at 5,000 feet underwater, said Lars Herbst, the regional director for the Minerals Management Service. Leaks have been fixed at similar depths before, but the process is difficult, he said.

….Coast Guard Petty Officer John Edwards said he was uncertain when weather conditions would improve enough for the cleanup to resume. So far, crews have retrieved about 1,052 barrels of oily water, he said.

The sunken rig may have as much as 700,000 gallons of diesel on board, and an undetermined amount of oil has spilled from the rig itself. Suttles said the rig was “intact and secure” on the seabed about 1,300 feet from the well site.

State’s with coasts almost as a rule have tourist industries built around them.  Having spills like this 3-50 miles off coast could ruin a state’s coastal tourism.  I’m talking about all the beaches on the gulf coast covered in black ooze and dead critters.  The smell enough could devastate… wait, Mobile, Ala. is in that list of cities. Nevermind.

Source: AP’s Cain Burdeau


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