Calling out Maher

It kills me to do this.  Actually, that’s not true.  It upsets me that I have to do this because I respect Maher as one of the few legitimate liberal/libertarian voices of TV punditry.

But, on April 23, Matthew Continetti was defending Sarah Palin from the unfair treatment the media gave her during the 2008 campaign – Continetti wrote a book that focused on the 8-week period of media coverage between when Palin was announced as McCain’s VP and the general election in November.

Susan Eisenhower and Bill Maher disagreed with this premise and claimed Palin has singularly promoted her own family, which forgives the media for hyping up Bristol Palin’s pregnancy.

Barack Obama called out the media and warned them about covering his family, but Obama wrote two books about his personal story.  Obama promoted his family well before the election in a similarly political fashion, just like Palin.  In that respect, I think the media was unfair to Palin.

So, yes.  Eisenhower, Maher, you were wrong.  Matthew Continetti was correct in this respect.

If we’re going to call Palin a Bimbo, let us do it for the right reasons.  There are plenty enough for us to have to defend the ones that are too extreme.

I’d like to congratulate Continetti for last night, he was one of the most able conservative minds yet represented on Maher’s show.


2 Responses to Calling out Maher

  1. Catherine says:

    “If we’re going to call Palin a Bimbo, let us do it for the right reasons. There are plenty enough for us to have to defend the ones that are too extreme.”

    Totally agreed; however, saying that because Obama wrote two books but expected the media to lay off his family means Palin was treated unfairly isn’t necessarily correct: Obama’s first book was mostly about his dead parents (who the media can’t exactly hound), and his second was about his own personal journey. You never saw him carting his Down’s syndrome baby around to every possible campaign event–or exploiting the private lives of every member of his family in any way similar to what Palin did.
    Hell, Bristol Palin and her baby were paid around $100k to be on the cover of People. Her babydaddy did Playboy. They were begging for any ‘unfair media treatment’ they received. They don’t dislike the spotlight, they just dislike when being in the spotlight doesn’t work in their favor (how unfair!).

  2. T. B. King says:

    That’s out of context, I don’t think the baby was born until after the election, and Johnston didn’t do Playgirl until after the election. In the context of those 8 weeks that Continetti covered in his book, there were a lot less opportunities. In light of the failure of Palin/McCain, shes become a total media whore. But, remember how sheltered she was during the campaign? After the explosively devastating CBS interview with Katie Couric, she almost never did interviews without McCain at her side.

    Sure, she carted around her downs baby and talked pro-life, but I think Continetti’s point is how that fits the narrative of a conservative politician. Is it exploitative? Yes. But so is exploiting your interracial parents to show how racially appealing you are, especially because the book pertaining to Obama’s father is – as I understand it – about how neglectful he was, and hinted at abuse. Really? That’s a sob-fest that would endear people to your personal story as well.

    Both sides abused their past, hell I don’t know any politician who doesn’t mention a father who was a humble cobbler or some horseshit like that. So to say Palin was a special situation in the context of those 8-weeks, no, she was not.

    Afterwards, yes. She’s become a… monster. Really. The things the media projected on her during the campaign were unfair, but since then, she’s exposed herself from all angles to be a charlatan in desperate need of investigation.

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