IWC to Leagalize Whale Hunts

OK, wait.  I know.  Whales are already being hunted, and the media has been bombarding us more and more (Whale Wars, the South Park episode parodying it, The Cove) to pretty unanimous success.

So, now that we know whaling is a problem, the International Whaling Commission (if you watched “The Cove” you know about this sackless organization), is proposing to make these whale hunts legal, with quotas for certain whale species.

The proposal, released late Thursday, would allow Japan, Norway and Iceland — which hunt whales under a variety of exceptions to a 1986 moratorium — to catch whales for 10 years, but under strict limits set by the IWC that would reduce the overall catch.

Despite a 1986 moratorium on whaling, Japan hunts whales for scientific reasons. Excess meat is sold for consumption, leading critics to call the program a mere cover for commercial hunts.

“The catch limits proposed in the southern ocean are unrealistic. The proposal to include (endangered) fin whales in the southern ocean is inflammatory. New Zealanders will not accept this,” he said in a statement.

And for the kicker, here’s the reason it won’t work.

“A catch quota for minke whales in Japanese small-type coastal whaling is our long-term cherished desire, and under the framework proposed by the chair, that desire can be realized,” said Fisheries Agency official Toshinori Uoya.

However, some also criticized the proposed limits on minke hunts, which would be lower than Japan’s current take from research whaling. Agriculture Minister Hirotaka Akamatsu said Tokyo would “persistently continue negotiations” to address this “gap.”

That’s right.  The Agriculutre department will continue to address the “gap” between what Japanese will be allowed to hunt, and the amount of whale meat Japan wants to come in, which is higher than the proposed quota.

Great, so Japan, and other whale-hunting nations, will have legal protection – ostensibly to give them more leeway to deal with pesky protesters on the high seas – and then they can continue to hunt whales above and beyond their quota.


2 Responses to IWC to Leagalize Whale Hunts

  1. It sucks- under the convention this is going to continue to be legal as ‘lethal research’- which translates to over 10,000 whales annually. Its not a particular threat to the species ( the numbers are hard to pin down), but its really a disgusting industry, and a cover for commercial hunting. Ive first hand read the ‘research’ from this group- they are required to submit it every year to prove the legality of their actions. However, in reality- its a sad, vague, report that is supposed to be about ‘stock control’; learning about the groups of minke whales. The report really translates into worthless, 7th-grade science that does not take 15,000 whales a year to deduce. Yet, there is alot of promising research out there that is showing the intense cognitive abilities of these animals, and how we are slaughtering a very near ancestor to our species, who have alot to teach us.

  2. T. B. King says:

    Damnit Jeremy, you’re a better writer than me and you don’t even try. If you ever want to publish things here let me know and I’ll put them up.

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